Business Assistance Center

A Division of the Economic Development Department

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Our Spotlight Business

TLI Consultants

The Ft. Worth BAC has a number of robust success stories that have inspired many potential business owners to step out of the comfort zone and start their own business. The vision became possible by completing the program and committing their time and attention necessary to drive business success.


What We Offer

  • Start a Business
    10 Steps to Starting a Business Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities....
  • Acquire a Business Loan
    Acquire a Business Loan Although the Business Assistance Center does not lend money to small businesses, we offer assistance in your financing...
  • Get Business Counseling
    Get Business Counseling Need help or guidance for your business? Schedule to speak with one of our Business Advisors. They are here...
  • Our Workshops
    calendar of workshops.
    Already in business? Utilize our skill building curriculum to enhance and grow your business - check our calendar of workshops....
  • Schedule an appointment
    for guidance with your business
    Need help or guidance with your business? Schedule an appointment with one of our Business Advisors....